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DOur training programmes entails accredited full qualifications - National Certificates - and Short Courses or Skills Programmes which are Unit Standards based with defined NQF levels and SAQA credits. We can also tailor our programme combinations in consultation with the client to address specific operational requirements and challenges.
DialNX is thus far accredited by the following SETAs:

• LGSETA is the host SETA
• MICT SETA (Formerly known as ISETT SETA)

We have submitted requisite documentation and are awaiting accreditation finality from the following SETAs:
• Services SETA
• Construction SETA ( Currently using our partner’s accreditation and mentorship to offer construction programs)

Full Qualifications:
National Certificate: End User Computing

SAQA ID: 61591
NQF level: 3; Credits : 20

Further Education and Training: Technical Support

SAQA ID: 78964
NQF level: 4; Credits 163

Further Education and Training: System Development

SAQA ID: 78965
NQF level: 4; Credits 165

Further Education and Training: Municipal Finance and Administration

SAQA ID:50372
NQF level: 4; Credits 157

National certificate: Local Economic Development

SAQA ID: 36436
NQF level: 4 Credits : 163

National certificate: Local Government Councillor Practices

SAQA ID: 58578
NQF level: 3; Credits 122

National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance

SAQA ID: 57823
NQF level: 2; Credits 120

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